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Focus Angels

Focus Angels

This focus angel stands ready to hold an object that connects you to an intention, a prayer, a hope, a dream, a sense of gratitude, the memory of a deceased loved one. Simply place a small object in the angel's bowl, and when you look at it, bring to mind whatever that object represents. You might choose a heart with the word "love" on it to focus on being a loving being. You might choose a shell to remind you of the peace of the ocean. You might choose a candle to help you remember that there is always light in the darkness. You might choose something that represents a loved one and offer prayers of gratitude for that loved one's life. 

I hand built this angel from mid-range stoneware, using slabs and pinch pot technique. After the clay dried somewhat, I painted on black underglaze and carved through it to create a tree motif. I also added a skin colored underglaze. After the angel dried fully, I fired it in the kiln, glazed it with a clear glaze and fired it again. The final step was adorning it with a wreath/halo made of artificial greenery.

The angel is approximately 9.5" tall.

(Small focus objects not included.)
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